Artificial Grass

Are you looking for low maintenance options but still want to have that beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming of? Well, artificial grass might be your answer. At Yard Smart, we have the expertise and experience needed to correctly install turf for any yard and can help guide you in choosing which turf is best for you.

Choosing the right artificial grass

There are plenty of factors at play when choosing the right turf for your home. The first consideration is what kind of foot traffic are you expecting to have? Do you have kids or pets who will be running and playing on the turf day in and day out? If that’s the case you will need something that is built to be durable. Secondly, do you want your artificial grass to be soft to touch? If yes, then you will need to look at higher quality turf that will feel more natural. Another factor is deciding on which infill you want. Infill materials are what make your turf springy and softer to walk on. A common infill is made from either sand or rubber, however both will have different price tags associated with it. To help guide you through these decisions, the team here at Yard Smart is happy to set up a free no-obligation consultation.

How to maintain your artificial turf to last years

No matter what kind of turf that you decide to go with there will be some level of care needed to increase the longevity. As a rule of thumb, the lower quality turf will cost less but will require more to be spent on maintaining it. The upfront cost of purchasing turf is a consideration, but if you choose wisely it will last for years, and with minimal effort.

Installation of your artificial grass

There are a few steps involved in installing your artificial grass but our team makes it painless! We would first need to come to your home and measure the area where you would like to have your turf installed. We would then need to remove any landscaping to create the sub base and a slope for water runoff. Once the area is prepared, we begin installation of the artificial turf – which takes approximately 1-3 days depending on the size of the area. At Yard Smart, we finish off a job right, meaning that we ensure there are no high or low areas in the infill and we clean up the surrounding areas to give you a clean surface to be enjoyed right away.

Work with us for your artificial grass needs

At Yard Smart, we never cut corners so that we can guarantee you’ll love the results, every time. When you hire one of our professional landscapers, you’re in the hands of experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in their craft. We have experience with many different types of turf and have professional grade equipment to avoid any disastrous mistakes of trying to install turf yourself. You take pride in the appearance of your home, and we take pride in making that our guarantee.